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Mousse Bath Bar

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We use the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer. Price is not considered at the expense of quality. Mousse Bath Bar will bring you the finest ingredients possible with no exceptions or substitutes. That is our promise to the world.

All Natural Ingredients

We will do everything possible to keep all of our products as all-natural as possible. If there is a way to make a product natural instead of synthetic then we absolutely insist on natures ingredients.

Transparent and Honest

Transparent and honest products are the pillars of our business model. It is absolutely essential to our beliefs in anything to do with our business and reputation. Without these morals infused into our business, we know that failure would be inevitable.

Our Story

Mousse Bath Bar

Mousse Bath Bar was born from the foundersโ€™ passion for high quality and all natural ingredients with complete transparency on what is really in the products we buy. We realized that the bath product industry was in desperate need of an honest and truly natural product.

"We are driven by sincere and honest intentions to simply give you the best, even if you donโ€™t know what to expect or demand."

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- Owners Of Mousse Bath Bar

Some of our faves!

Oatmeal Cookie Bomb

Bath Bombs

These bath bombs will give you the most luxurious bath you have ever experienced. Packed with moisturizing natural butter, oils, and 100% pure essential oils.

Bar Soap

All-natural and handcrafted soap that contains amazing scents. Every bar contains exfoliating suds to give you a deep cleaned skin and a smooth finish.

detox bath tea

Bath Teas

Epsom salts soaked in 100% pure essential oils with real flowers and fruits to give you an amazing bathing experience. Bathing the way nature intended it.

Body Butter

NO Water. NO alcohol. NO fillers or preservatives of any kind. Just 100% all-natural butters and oils. Its true love and deep nourishment for your skin.

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Most Ordered Products!

5 stars are not enough!! My order really put me in awe. The packaging was BEAUTIFUL! And the products were perfect. We tried out the bubble bar for my son immediately and it performed amazing. The smell was heavenly and the bubbles were aplenty! I canโ€™t wait to use my bath bomb and body butter. You guys definitely have a new, long-time customer!