About Us

We Believe in Natural Products

Mousse Bath Bar was born from the founders’ passion for high quality and all natural ingredients with complete transparency on what is really in the products we buy. We realized that the bath product industry was in desperate need of an honest and truly natural product. The bath product space is saturated with companies that use clever marketing and trickery to sell products to unsuspecting or ill informed customers. There needs to be a new benchmark in quality and that is where Mousse Bath Bar stepped in. Our intention is to be the front runner in bath product quality and transparency to set the industry standard much higher than ever before. 

We are just getting started on this life long quest to raise the bar to give customers the most luxurious bath product line ever created in the entire world. We are driven by sincere and honest intentions to simply give you the best, even if you don’t know what to expect or demand. We will uphold a higher quality standard to give you what you deserve. We will do what it takes to gain your trust and to keep it. World class customer service and support are an absolute necessity.

Premium Natural Bath Products

I love these!! I got peppermint taffy and night sky so far and they're both amazing! They make great gifts!!! Excellent packaging!!!

Natural Products

At Mousse Bath Bar we do not cut cost at the expense of quality. Quality and natural ingredients in abundance are a must.

Premium products, excellent customer service.

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