Moonlight Bar Soap


An island mint experience with co2 extracted coconut pulp, lime oil, and spearmint oil for a cool minty breeze scent.

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Each of our handcrafted artisan soaps are made with our favorite blend of the finest oils and butters. These soap bars are truly a luxurious experience with an ultra-moisturizing finish. Every bar is loaded with so much shea butter! That is what gives each bar that “wow!” feel. This is the way nature intended soap to be. Real soap with no BS to cut cost. No synthetic detergents or fragrances like almost every other soap on the market. Just oils/butters, water, lye (all real soap has lye), salt (accelerates the curing process), 100% pure essential oils, and mica powder with pigments. That’s it!

Ingredients: coconut oil, water, olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, 100% pure essential oils, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, mica powders with pigments

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