Risk-Free returns

Anything, Anytime, for any reason.

The why (why we are doing this)  –

We strive to have the best return policy of any company in the world… Plain and simple, always with the customer’s interest and point of view in mind. We want to create an environment to give you the level of service that we would love to see in all companies. We will set the trend for a new level of service never offered before! We honestly believe in the good of humanity and we want to prove that to you, as well as to ourselves. We trust that most complaints will be legitimate. Regardless, we will offer everyone the benefit of the doubt, no questions asked.

The how (how our return policy works) – 

 If you’re not completely happy with a purchase then please send us an email requesting a full refund. You are not even obligated to give a reason. However, if you give us a reason, it gives us a chance to improve in the future to give everyone a better customer experience. Also, it honestly satisfies our curiosity about how we failed you.

The what (what we will do to make it right) – 

No hassle of returns and no begging for your money back. No questions asked and you get to keep your products, as well as the full refund! Not only do you get to keep your products and your money, but we will also send you a $20 coupon on your next order so we have another chance to impress you.